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2 Paprika/Bell pepper (Tatashe) 

4 Bay leaves

2 tsp Tomatoes puree

4 Maggi cubes

2 Scotch bonnet (Rodo) 

2 medium Onions 

White Maggi 

2 tins of Tomatoes plum

All purpose seasoning 


Golden Sella Basmati rice 

Olive/Vegetable oil 


  1. Soak the Golden basmati rice in warm water. 

  2. Blend the tomatoes plum, 1 onion, paprika peppers, scotch bonnets and tomatoes puree to a rough paste. 

  3. Give the onions a ring slice. 

  4. Place the pot on the highest heat, then add the olive oil. 

  5. After a minute, add the sliced onions to the pot and let it fry for couple of seconds (till translucent).

  6. Add the pepper mix to the pot and reduce the heat to the lowest. 

  7. Add all the seasonings; bay leaves, Maggi cubes, white Maggi, all purpose seasoning and salt. Give it a quick stir. (*Taste for salt and seasoning. If it needs more, add more.)

  8. While the sauce is cooking. Rinse the rice thoroughly and drain the water. 

  9. Add the rice to the sauce and coat every grain of rice with the sauce. 

  10. Cover the pot with foil and the pot lid. 

  11. 20 minutes later, check the rice and stir. If it needs water, add a little. 

  12. After another 20 - 30 minutes, carefully stir the rice as the bottom of the pot might be burnt. Taste the rice for softness. 

  13. T A D A your Jollof Rice is ready!

**This can be served with Seasoned grilled chicken or fish, plantain or gizdodo and salad. 



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