Soup Ingredients
Soup Ingredients

Ingredients for making delicious soups from the roots of Africa & the Caribbean.

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  • TT Blendz

    Cooking made Easy!

    TT Blendz are a team of professional chefs who have worked with restaurants and takeaways to formulate the best pepper blend mix for all types of meal and sauces.

    We are all about freshness and convenience, we want everyone to experience the pleasure of fresh food with our convenient pepper blends. We have formulated the perfect solution to eliminate the long process of sourcing, cleaning, chopping and blending Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Onions, Scotch Bonnets, Ginger and Garlic. We have a range of products available for your fresh meals which can be used for several food preparation such as Jollof rice, Pasta, Salsa sauces, Stews e.t.c 

    We use only fresh products in our blend. We do not use any preservatives or colouring
    No canned tomatoes as the preservatives in this affects the quality of your food.

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